Flyshionista Approved / Razzmatazz Barcelona

Flyshionista Approved / Razzmatazz Barcelona

So you’ve just landed in Barcelona, this lively multicultural city, and the Sagrada Familia and Park Güell are all very well but what about the night life?

Definitely Spain has got quite the reputation for late lunches, dinners and wild parties but once you’re here, the club scene is so diverse you just don’t know where to begin. Now if you’ve decided to pass on the jumble of sun-burnt tourists and mediocre remixes of habitual Beyoncé tunes, you’ll know to stay clear of the Barceloneta beach area, and perhaps head north of Vila Olimpica where the scene becomes a lot more interesting.

Amidst the industrial landscape you’ll find the legendary home of the cities underground life. A cult club, which throughout its 13 years of existence has injected musical quality into the metropolis, Razzmatazz.

The exterior stands out from its surroundings by bringing light and colour to the dull concrete of other buildings. Upon entering, one is greeted with a unique ambience that feels like joining a basement party in the 60s Soho.

The central area is square, dark, and brags a DJ booth on one side and a phenomenal stage on the other. Now, this stage together with the club managers has brought on multiple occasions artists worthy of mention, right before they stepped into fame.These include The Strokes, Artic Monkeys, Belle and Sebastian, Skrillex, Franz Ferdinand and Kanye West. So you know to trust their taste in bands that play almost nightly.

But even if you miss out on a performance, indie, rock and punk tracks are exquisitely selected by the DJs which will have you up and singing at the top of your lungs.

In total, the venue boasts 5 different areas and if none of these satisfy you, you better throw on a pair of heels and go look for Beyoncé by the beach.

Altogether, this is much more than a club; it’s an experience and a way of life. Every day thousands of bizarre personalities gather inside the high cement walls of Razz, as called by the locals, and party until the sun manages to cruise into the dark corners of the spot. Would you dare to join them?

Go check them out:

C/ Pamplona 88, 1er piso
08018, Barcelona

Tel. 93 320 82 00

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