80’s Power and Attitude

80’s Power and Attitude

Yeezy Powerphase Core Black is here to exhilarate contemporary casual sportswear.

Adidas brand and Yeezy Mafia, the mysterious sneaker collective that knows about everything from releases dates and inventory, to sizes and colors about Yeezy brand, announced the release of Adidas Yeezy Powerphase Core Black.

Core Black is the third version of the Yeezy Powerphase, a model inspired by an adidas style from the 80´s.

An all black low top sneaker with the iconic trefoil logo, and a golden Calabasas text, is the latest colored shoe that will complete the exclusive Calabasas collection made up of nude and mild color essentials.



The Yeezy Powerphase picks up the vibes of the 80´s when streetwear was born and sportswear evolved rooted in hip hop music. So, no by chance, we are having now a new version of the sneaker. Powerphase lands when the love for all retro inspired items is more than alive.

We hold lovingly to unique pieces from the past, meaning icons or heritage inspired items embody the kind of authentic moulds, fuelled by culture and style, everyone wants to have.

Hunt it: the latest Yeezy Powerphase arrives as the classic must-have to add sophistication to our contemporary style. Indeed, here, the Flyshionista crew is already losing sleep over them. Released on Saturday, March 17 through select retailers around the world.

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