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This application is perfect if you love fashion! You know that feeling when you are dying to own an item, but they’ve sold out your favorite collection online and have no stores in the city where you live? Well, this app finally allows you to get hold of all these products you couldn't buy before! I am so happy I get to order the hottest items, even if they come from the furthest places in different continents! It’s amazing!!!


I have so much fun checking out Flyshionista! I can always count on it to find out what's trending right now and it’s so much more entertaining than traditional online shopping. I definitely recommend the app to anyone who loves fashion and traveling!


I always like to have the newest tech gadgets, but the problem is that the items I want are always more expensive in Europe and I would have to wait until I travel somewhere or a friend brings it for me from another country. I can finally order my favorite brands from anywhere and get them at a much cheaper price! It's awesome!