Flyshionista Approved / Our top 5 streetwear shops in Lower Manhattan

By: Morster
Date: 23 October 2017

We can definitely consider NYC the pioneer of streetwear in the world. It is not just about shopping, streetwear is discovering the city and world subcultures through fashion.

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We have been strolling around lower Manhattan, between Lafayette and Houston street, an area where you can find all the garments you have ever dreamed of and in the case that you didn’t find something in particular, it´s simply because it hasn’t been designed yet!

We focused into the most important shops filled with various major fashion rarities, continuous limited edition collections and consequent lines.

1. Stüssy

1. Stüssy is a must in NYC, the boutique shop in Prince street has got very cool vibes. You can find limited NYC editionsby this brand, which embodies the ultimate concept of streetwear in NYC .

176 Spring Street

2. Supreme

Supreme has to be present in this list, since NYC is where it all started. This streetwear brand is a master in creating hype and limited editions products you can find just in specific shops.
You have to visit it just to feel its vibes and how people get crazy for this brand: be sure there is not any new release that day to avoid finding hours of queue spread in more than 3 blocks…

274 Lafayette Street

3 . Carhartt WIP

Carhartt reached its highest fame some years ago, becoming one of the most interesting streetwear brands globally. The shop is small in size, but with an endless exposition of their latest products.

The location is 284 Lafayette St.

4. Nixon Retail – NYC

What is to be said about Nixon? Those watches and accessories have created a unique hype and style and it doesn’t seem like it will stop soon thanks to the upcoming communities of surfers, skateboarders and those who have become a symbol representation of the brand. Even though the store isn’t huge, you can a find a large variety of normal and limited edition watches, like the Star Wars line created just for that store.

Nixon Retail is located on 122 Prince St.

5. A Bathing Ape

The Japanese clothing shop always attracts many people due to the special and unique shapes incorporated in their designs. Must visit for an incredible fresh touch of streetwear!

Find Bathing Ape on 91 Greene Street.

Apart from those ¨must-see¨ main labels, you can find numerous niche boutique stores and shops in this area, which are also very cool and worthy of exploring.

It is a very exciting and interesting part of lower Manhattan perfect for finding limited edition items and have items in your closet not many people can get their hands on!

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