Flyshionista Approved / We went to the fashion temporary exhibition held in MOMA “Items: Is Fashion modern?”

By: yann
Date: 30 October 2017

111 fashion items, which had the strongest impact on the world throughout the last two centuries. What fashion items were and will be present in our world?

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Everyday, without even realizing it, we wear something that expresses our personality and individuality. Bill Cunningham once said ”Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life. I don’t think you could do away with it. It would be like doing away with civilization.”

How could we ever miss this fashion exhibition at MOMA in New York city? Fashion items pervade our lives, as they have always played a significant role in society and various cultures. Fashion is art and has served as an expression for numerous political and economic movements.We are grateful to the MOMA museum for gathering an incredible exhibition of the most iconic fashions items of the last two centuries and displaying their meaning to society.
Levi’s 501, the Breton Shirt, the Nike’s Air Force and the Burkin bag aren’t just names of products, but rather symbols of beauty and creativity achieved by talent and fruitful imagination.

The exhibitions was organized in a logical and efficient manner, starting off with archetype items and then going on to analyze what made them significant as stereotypes. Finally, the collection consisted of prototype garments, which have used pioneering materials and sustainable approaches.

The ultimate experience was definitely amazing: much attention was paid to details in addition to an accurate description of why and how a certain product was designed, and an explanation of how its perception has changed during time.Through the use of particular garments, we sometimes alter the shape of our body, or try to create an impression on those surrounding us. Clothes are a form of living. They also allows us to express political ideas, approach gender conventions and change beauty standards.
We were truly impressed by the ¨Le Smoking¨ by Yves Saint Laurent, the popular Burkin bag by Hemes, the Air Force 1 and the Hooded Champions Sweatshirt.

The sweatshirts were designed in 1930 by Champions’ manufacturer to keep athletes warm before and after training. It ended up being the most typical college wardrobe item, to be used in the 70s by the hip hop and skater community in NYC saving as an “armor” for those who wrote graffiti or breakdanced.

MOMA celebrated not only fashion, but the gravity center of something much larger. #itemsMoma was the hashtag that represented all 111 items, encouraging visitors to post more on social media channels in case the museum exhibition failed to add other important garments.

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