Google Donut Pop-ups present the newest voice-activated Google Home Mini Speakers.

By: Morster
Date: 23 October 2017

Google Donut Pop-ups present the newest voice-activated Google Home Mini Speakers.

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To promote their newest Google Home Mini Speakers with the size of a donut, which have launched the first days of October 2017, Google opens donut pop-up stores and partners up with bakeries around the US. The donut-shaped speakers feature the voice of a Google’s assistant and are able to perform several tasks due to the incorporation of artificial intelligence.

The team of Flyshionista went to Manhattan, 465 W. Broadway to check-out the stores and to get a proper taste of the exciting consumer experience.

After standing in a queue for a while, which really depends on how lucky you are (we did it for 45 minutes approximately), you walk into a colorful and playful donut shop. Once you have gotten to the counter, you have to ask the Home Mini Speakers a question and the device will reply giving you a cute box where you will find 2 Donuts, or, if you win, 1 Donut and the famous speakers. We talked with people during the day and it seemed that the percentage of participants winning was a rough 25 %, which isn’t bad after all!
In any case you walk out feeling as a winner: the donuts you get are absolutely delicious!

The collaboration between the various bakeries and Google has resulted in an amazing and tasty quality of those sweet donuts! The giant tech company has come up with a very creative and amusing way to reach a large audience.

Unfortunately, we did not win, but nonetheless truly enjoyed the experience.
We hope Google continues to indulge in inventive customer experiences as we are eager to come across more of that in the future, especially if they will include delicious treats such as those incredible donuts.

Other Pop-up are located in Los Angeles, Austin, San Francisco, Chicago, Madison, Oklahoma City, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Toronto. If you wish to get your hands on one, but cannot get to any of these locations soon enough to satisfy your excitement, Flyshionista is here to help and make your day!