Insider Guide to Copenhagen’s Style

By: Bixie
Date: 26 October 2017

Scandinavian style has taken over the world by storm, but no matter how hard we try to mimic their careless minimalistic ways they always seem to do it better. The main rule that we must abide by to achieve this cool look is: put a lot of effort into looking like you don't give a f*ck. Yes, you heard that right, the perfect effortless-chic outfit will take you just about as much work as dressing up for a gala, but we've got you covered.

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Danish women rarely leave the house with no makeup on, but its all about mastering the art of natural beauty, so forget the contouring, baking, eyebrow sculpting, lip plumping and highlighting. Instead, opt for a tinted SPF moisturizer, a hint of concealer and perhaps some blush to brighten up your face. Then apply a light layer of mascara and opt for a lip balm or a lip tint at most.


Embrace your natural locks! It may be hard but do your hair a favour and leave the curling irons and straighteners off for the day. You can either throw up your hair into a messy bun or let it dry and apply a few drops of your favourite oil to keep frizz at bay.


Every city has a uniform as you know, and though some break the rules, the basics in Copenhagen are almost always dark coloured, preferably grey and black or neutral coloured. Women often wear trainers considering they bike everywhere, and their brands of choice are Nike and New Balance. Skinny jeans are a must, and they are often black although if you feel like a more relaxed look, opt for leggings. This will be combined with an oversized t-shirt, long sleeved in the colder months, and with a large jumper or cardigan over it. Scarves are often necessary in the cold, but stick to oversized ones in dark colours. Lastly, complement it all with a large bag or a Fjällräven backpack which you’ve probably seen on hipsters in cities around the world.